Friday, September 12, 2008

Will the real Abbey Lee please stand up?

a model - but is it kershaw? - in willow SS09/wwd

For a static presentation, the Willow show sure had a lot of twists and turns to it.

First Catherine McNeil is touted to be 'flying the flag' for Willow - but doesn't show.

Now it emerges that although Abbey Lee Kershaw fronted up for Willow yesterday, she had an ahem, standin, for at least part of the presentation:

The shot at the top of this post shows a model wearing the zebra print maxidress which I mentioned in an earlier post. It's really a very striking dress. It was taken by WWD at some stage during the presentation.

Below is a shot of Kershaw in the same dress, together with Stephanie Carta and Alice Burdeu. The shot was supplied by Willow:

Yes there is a resemblance between the two models, however it really doesn't look like the same girl.

That's because it's not.

According to Willow's spokeswoman, Kershaw was involved in the first part of the presentation, however had to leave halfway through - and a replacement slotted in.


Cultures in Between said...

Well you know, since now Kershaw is high profile. Kershaw and high profile in the same sentence? Wow. So did McNeil do Preen this season?

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