Friday, September 12, 2008

But Cat does show for Tommy

catherine mcneil at tommy hilfiger/wwd

Catherine McNeil cancelled all her shows in New York yesterday? Well that was the excuse offered for her noshow at Willow's presentation. Interesting then to see this image of McNeil in Tommy Hilfiger's show which, like Willow, also took place on 11th September.

No idea at this stage what, if any, other shows McNeil might also have done yesterday.

According to the Fashion Calendar, Willow's presentation went until 3pm. Tommy Hilfiger showed at the New York State Theatre in the Lincoln Centre at 6pm.

But McNeil is a busy girl these days. Modelling is a business. And Tommy Hilfiger, an American sportswear superbrand, has a lot of dough.

Yeterday, Willow's press release, which mentioned McNeil's name alongside those of Abbey Lee Kershaw, Alice Burdeu and Stephanie Carta, advertised that:

"Australia's international models will be flying the flag for fellow Australian designer Kit Willow"

However the only 'Australian international models' prepared to fly it for Willow, as frockwriter reported earlier today, appear to have been Kershaw, Carta, Burdeu and Skye Stracke.


Sonny said...

and Zac at 8pm

Anonymous said...

get over sometimes the hair and make up times run into each other and they choose which ever show pays more!!!

Patty Huntington said...

anon - did I not say:

"and tommy hilfiger has a lot of dough"

that's kind of the point really.

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