Saturday, September 6, 2008

A model blogger reports: Marc Jacobs uses green toilet paper

self-portrait @ alice mccall/simona mcintyre

Between the backstage photographer, the far-flung journo and the designer himself, was anyone not blogging Michael Angel’s show in New York? I chanced upon this by accident this afternoon: the blog of 19 year-old Canadian model Simona McIntyre. Her Friday shows included both Michael Angel and Alice McCall.

Modelling for twelve months and blogging for two, in her first post back in July McIntyre reported that she scored both the Marc Jacobs and Jean Paul Gaultier shows in her first runway season last year, SS08.

And indeed last month, New York mag reported that the angelic vegan is keeping the 'baby doll' look in fashion, in the wake of the departure of Gemma Ward.

Of her reasons for launching a blog, posts McIntyre:
“I could keep a journal for myself somewhere personal, but with this blog I intend to include others. With the Internet anyone can speak out nowadays so here are my thoughts”.

As I asked recently when looking at Sessilee Lopez's blog however, just how 'outspoken' can any model realistically be without jeapardising their own commercial interests?

Of course there’s the anonymous "Tatiana" over at Jezebel, but noone knows her identity (FYI prime Tatiana suspect herself, Jenna Sauers, hopped on frockwriter one day to deny that she's the culprit. Someone claiming to be Sauers' ex boyfriend also left an amusing comment).

simona mcintyre and michael angel/blondeoverblue

I'm not sure McIntyre is a Tatiana candidate, but it is interesting to see yet another window open onto the model world.

McIntyre's post dated September 5 mentions that McCall's makeup concept did not boast 'cat's eye' eyeliner, but in fact "a whale shaped thick eyelid", that Angel's nail polish was environmentally-friendly - and so is Marc Jacobs’ toilet paper.

McIntyre knows this because she's very interested in matters green and, beyond the Angel and McCall shows, she also spent four hours overnight Friday night bunkered down at Jacobs’ office, trying on outfits for Monday night’s show.

Notes McIntryre,

“It was nice to preview the collection and hang out with Amanda (Laine) who was there for looks as well. I have noticed in my time working at the Marc building that the toilet paper there is environmentally friendly. Green thumbs to that".

Of the Marc by Marc Jacobs collection, she wrote on September 4:

"I’d love to share some of the pieces I have seen, but at this stage it isn’t appropriate (for the designer’s privacy). Marc by Marc is looking cute from the outfits I was saw doing looks this week. Last spring I worked with fitting vintage clothing at Marc to design the Spring/Summer 2009 collection. It has been very interesting to work with them and see the collection evolve".

Of course it would be hilarious if an anonymous model or other blogger who does have inside access to collections, did actually dish details before the collections were shown.

Now that would be some witch hunt...


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