Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Deborah Sweeney: The NZ$130 wolf shirt and other chain store apparel

Yes I know I missed the first day of New Zealand Fashion Week yesterday, thanks to my little Melbourne detour. So sadly my first runway report is not from World or Nom* D, nor indeed from the first Australian designer to show here, Kirrily Johnston (and I’ll try to get to them later). It’s from Deborah Sweeney.

A pretty-enough collection of layered skinny sweat pants, shift and ruffle dresses, plaid ponchos, cardies, colourblocked and zippered tunics - and a few early jumpsuits - all of which were worked back with some ace tie-dyed stockings and brocade totes.

However Sweeney's collection possibly isn't pretty enough to compete with fast fashion chain store garb.

Notably considering that her designer animal T boasting an airbrushed wolf head graphic, which she told me will retail for NZ$130, is being snaffled up for a song at two dollar stores right now.


Anna said...

Would love to read a Nom*D review, if you get to them..

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