Sunday, September 7, 2008

Just a quiet Sunday in New York....

victoria beckham in marc jacobs/juergen teller

So I was talking about those kerr-azy Americans and how hectic their schmozzle, sorry schedule, of fashion shows can be. Just to give you an idea, here's a snapshot of what will be kicking off at around 11.00pm Sydney time tonight.

New York Fashion Week Schedule - Day Three - Sunday, September 7th

9am Victoria Beckman Dress Preview

10am Lela Rose Show

10pm Walter Show

11am DKNY Show

11-12:30pm Tiffany's Blue Book Collection

12pm Costello Tagliapietra Show

12pm Tracy Reese Show

1pm Susan Cianciolo Show

12.45-2pm Gap Presentation

1-2pm Jolibe Installation

1-3pm Hollywould Presentation

2pm Preen by Thornton Bregazzi Show

2pm Chadwick Bell Show

2pm Charles Nolan Apparel Show

2pm Terexov Show

3pm Herve Leger by Max Azria Show

4pm Diane Von Furstenberg Show

5pm Y-3 Show

5pm Karen Sabag

5pm Sari Gueron Show

5-6pm Staerk Presentation

6pm Jonathan Saunders Show

6pm Binetti Show

6pm Akiko Ogawa Show

6pm Harlan Bel Show

6-8pm Julia Jentzsch

6-9pm Selima Optique Eyewear Preview

7pm Cassette Show

7pm Tibi Show

7pm Tuleh Show

7pm Opera Swimwear Show

8pm Miss Sixty Show

8-10pm Hess Natur by Miguel Adrover Presentation

9pm Carlos Campos Show

9pm Thuy Show

9pm William Rast Show

The day is topped and tailed with two sure-to-generate-pap-meltdowns courtesy Victoria Beckham and Justin Timberlake (William Rast).

Beckham's 10-look line of cocktail dresses represents her third fashion venture, following the release of the dVb jeans and sunglasses lines.

WWD had an exclusive preview on Friday, including shots of two bustier dresses.

The collection of tailored dresses in basket-weave cotton, gazar and georgette silks, boasts corsetry features.

Beckham told WWD:

“Dresses are very signature for me, as I have always dressed in a very feminine and ladylike manner. This collection may be new, but it’s been a lifetime in the making for me.”

Beckham is also expected at the Marc Jacobs show on Monday night - one of her favourites.

So that's today's heart-starter.

In between VB and JT, I think I counted 34 presentations. Ten of them are in the Bryant Park tents. The rest are spread from one side of Manhattan to the other.

Oh, and the suite of US tropical storms has ensured that it's pissing down with rain in New York.

I'm not sure which would be worse: cab strike, as occurred this time last year, or torrential rain.

[List: via wwd's new daily newsletter alert]


Timo Rissanen said...

“Dresses are very signature for me, as I have always dressed in a very feminine and ladylike manner."

Each to their own, I guess, but having two cricket balls hold up a strapless dress... Better not to go there.

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