Thursday, September 25, 2008

Prada says jump - Sachi asks 'How high?'

From Rodarte to Prada to.............Sachi. While we're on the subject of killer heels, these are the culprits from el cheapo Australian shoe brand Sachi which prompted three models to crash and burn on the Auckland runway at last week's Annah Stretton show.

Given Sachi's current season Givenchy gladiator shoe boot knockoff, they were most likely modelled on a luxury brand.

Inside the media centre that afternoon, I did have to laugh when I overheard a publicist say Stretton was utterly mortified to learn that the model stacks dominated post-show dialogue.

Like, they were going to talk about the clothes?

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Bryanboy said...


Mike said...

Patty, I bet you've never worn something so dangerously hurtful. For some reason, this entire international season has seen the heel pumps back. These may not be as glamourous as the killer italian heels but they sooo kill. I can just see it on the streets. these office girls who choose to wear them can't even walk properly or is like been overtaken by the rat race of people. I also read some report on smh that a doco somewhere in the eastern suburbs regularly treat women because their heels become badly smollen or need medical attention.

Anonymous said...

higher the heels closer to God!

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